Schizophrenia and CBT

Well, what do you think?

Is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy a suitable modality for a client with Schizophrenia?


(May 2010 3m 15s)

A mock cognitive behavioural therapy session with a patient that has a schizophrenia.

CBT is a talking therapy based on an A, B, C theory of personality. A the Activating event, B the accompanying Belief, and C the behavioural Consequences.

In this way A does not cause C, it is B. For example feelings of failure, or what other people might think about the client. Thus, the theory goes, help the client to rationalise B, and the Consequences would be less violent, or miserable, or self defeating.

However, CBT requires the client to understand the process, in order to manage it by themselves.

The question remains: would CBT be successful with a schizophrenic?

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