10 Hellish Psychology studies you’ll be glad not to have participated in

Full credit to the British Psychological Society for dragging up these odd yet memorable experiments. Take your pick which one would  you volunteer for?


Many psychology studies involve nothing more challenging for participants than sitting down with a short paper questionnaire and ticking off agreement or not with a series of anodyne statements. This post is not about that kind of research. Here, we take a tour of some rather more arduous and quirky experiments from the psychology archives. Participants in these studies were prodded, embarrassed, disgusted, scared, teased, bored and more (though not at once). It was all in the name of science, to better understand the darker, less pleasant aspects of being human. We salute the men and women who volunteered their minds and bodies to take part. Their pain is our gain. It’s important to note that in line with international ethical protocols, any psychology studies from the modern era would have required participant informed consent, with careful debriefing upon study completion (for further information, see the British Psychological Society’s own Code of Human Research Ethics). Now, let’s get this Digest tour underway: [August 2015 update: we’ve now published a sequel to this post, featuring Heavenly studies]


SOURCE British Psychological Society – Research Digest 26 March, 2015

10 hellish psychology studies you’ll be glad not to have participated in

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