Stigma – the client’s story

In this video from Fixers we hear stories from young people who feel they are stigmatised for being different: thinking and behaving differently.

(SOURCE Fixers January 2016 2m 37sec)

You may have to watch the video a couple of times to identify 3 different voices, 3 different people and their stories.

Think for a moment abouit their statement of unity “What others think of us doesn’t matter.”

Is that a realistic statement to make? How do you feel about that?

‘Fixers’ are young people using their past to fix the future. They are motivated by personal experience to make positive change for themselves and those around them. Real people, real stories, real change. You can visit their website here

As always if you feel affected by this video, or are looking for advice or support, please contact your GP.


A client’s perspective of schizophrenia

Today we follow up the Campaign to tackle mental illness by looking at a Client who is being treated for schizophrenia. (Jan 2015 4m 30s)

Chris describes his journey of reecovery and highlights 8 key steps how health professionals can best help clients.

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Anxiety – what is it?

Another video with a Client perspective on a Mental Health issue.

This time we take a look at Anxiety. This video was made by Mehgan Rienks in 2016 has been seen on YouTube over 4 million times. Duration 3m23s

I wrote this piece a few months ago when I tried to explain to somebody how it feels inside my head. I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and ADHD over a year ago and every day is different story. In hopes to wrap my head around the feelings inside my brain- I thought I’d open it up for you all. You are not alone.”

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